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Acronis Backup Advanced for Hyper-V
Eliminate VM downtime and protect your entire Hyper-V environment with Acronis! This smart multi-sytem solution includes deep Hyper-V integration, agentless VM backup, unlimited P2V/V2V/V2P and integrated cloud--all managed via 1 easy dashboard. 1-click disk imaging identifies and captures everything, including application data. When disaster strikes, restore files, applications, VMs and servers in minutes--even to a different hypervisor!
Eliminate VM downtime and protect your Hyper-V environment without the usual complexities! This smart multi-sytem solution combines advanced backup technology with deep Windows Hyper-V integration to provide total protection without compromising resources or recovery time. Patented disk imaging captures everything in 1 easy step, including all application data running on your VMs (Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory, and SharePoint). Agentless backup eliminates the need to install an agent on each VM, reducing resource usage and management complexity. Full Hyper-V integration enables easy backup management and automatic VM identification, allowing you to select and capture specific VMs. Send your backups to up to 5 different destinations in the same easy step (including tape, network, and the ultra-secure Acronis Cloud). When disaster strikes, restore individual files, application data, VMs or an entire server in minutes--even to completely different hardware or hypervisor! To ensure that your VM backup and recovery is fast and efficient, we also provide block-level incremental backup, differential backup, compression and deduplication. Reduce resource consumption even further with optional bandwidth and disk-write speed throttling. With unlimited P2V/V2V/V2P migrations, quickly restore any physical server as a VM, easily migrate VMs to a physical server, or simply clone a backup as a VM for development and testing. Protect all your hosts/VMs with a single, easy-to-use dashboard that manages not only your Hyper-V backups, but backups for any other system in your environment--physical and virtual--that is protected by Acronis Backup Advanced.
Company: Acronis, LLC
Category: System Utilities::Backup &, Restore
Updated: [ 15.05.2020 ]
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License: Shareware
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