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Vimalin for Windows
Continue working while Vimalin makes backups of your Virtual Machines in the background. Schedule backups to run at a certain point in time and get an email notification about the success or failure. Restore your VM with ease without having to worry about overwriting the original. Backup to external disk or network share.
Vimalin is a backup program for your virtual machines in VMware Workstation Pro. With Vimalin you can make backups to a local disk or network share.Having backups is important, but making backups manually is easy to forget. Especially as you must shut down your VM when you want to make a backup. With Vimalin you do not have to shut down your VM, the backup runs while you can continue using your VM.You can schedule backups of your virtual machine. So you will not forget to make them. Backups can be made reliably and all the files in the backup are verified against corruption.You can get email notifications when the backup completes, or get an email if it failed.Vimalin employs VMware automation, so that you do not have to install anything in your Virtual Machine. As a result it works for all guest OS types that VMware Workstation supports.Using Vimalin gives you a better handle on your backups, where they are, how much space they occupy and if the backup was a success or not.It is also easy to restore a VM and test. Vimalin prevents you from overwriting your original VM.You can add comments to your backups. This makes it easy to keep track of why you made the backup.Backups can be compressed so they use less space.
Company: Antwise Solutions
Category: System Utilities::Backup &, Restore
Updated: [ 15.05.2020 ]
Operation system: All
License: Shareware
File size: 21,07